A dancer’s portfolio is an essential part of your self presentation as an artist and can play an influential role in shaping a dancer’s entire career. Unique, well presented images can sometimes be the difference between being seen by a casting agent or not; being put forward for a role or being overlooked. A good portfolio therefore represents an investment into your dancing career and subsequently your potential future within what is a competitive industry. To download my dance photography brochure click here.

Like any artist, no two dancers are ever identical. As a result, no two dance shoots are treated the same. Just because one dancer feels comfortable doing certain movements, doesn't mean every dancer excels in that discipline. This is why before every shoot, we'll have a discussion about what you want to achieve and how best to achieve those results. Obtaining the right shots is very much a collective effort and it can take time and patience to capture the right images so I never rush shoots and via shooting tethered to my computer, we can work closely together to adjust your positions as we go.

Just remember, preparation is key.

In terms of how the shoots are structured. I tend to do the headshots and basic movements first, for obvious reasons... have you ever looked in the mirror after two hours of continual jumps or aerials. It also gives you the opportunity to warm up before getting into ALL the leaping!

Below you can find some examples of my work but if you want a chat feel free to get in touch.

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