Creative Individual and Family Portraits

I've always been a creative soul and I love a good portrait. I think since our little boy, Milo (who features below...numerous times!), arrived in the world, he's pretty much had my camera lens pointed in his direction since the delivery room. This has allowed both myself and my partner Hannah to document and capture some of those moments you never really want to let go. There are some others moments such as waking up in the middle of the night and treading on toy dinosaurs that you may want to forget but in the large part we want to cling to those moments whilst they are small.

I love working with families and particularly with children (probably due to the fact we share similar mental ages...) to create lasting memories. Although I'm based in the North West, I travel throughout the UK to help families preserve unforgettable moments through my creative brand of photography - so if you are looking for something a little different and don't fancy a studio family shoot, get in touch,

I'd love to hear from you and discuss some ideas. Email me at or call me on 07870 542 860.

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